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Dear Gideon,

I would like to thank you very much for assisting in the process of enabling my wife to give birth naturally to our most recent baby.

My wife Verad was 1 week overdue her delivery date. Due to her medical history the baby would have to be delivered by c/section in a few days at the very latest. We were hoping for a natural birth to happen prior to this date.

I had heard that acupuncture could assist in bringing on the labour process, which is why I approaced you.

You came round to our house that afternoon to carry out a treatment of acupuncture. You advised Verad this method was very powerful and could have had a immediate effect.

Pretty soon after the needles were in place there was significant difference in the way Verad was feeling.

Gideon carried out another treatment the following day which had a very positive effect.

Verad went into labour the following day and Aiden was born naturally, the day after.

You truly worked wonders!


Verad and Marc Anderson

Dear Gideon,

I would just like to thank you for the fantastic support and treatment that you provided for my mother recently. As you know, my mother has been suffering from severe arthritis in her hands for several years.

This has an enormous impact on the quality of her life to the point that many every day chores and common tasks have not been possible due to the severity of the pain.

I recall when I spoke to you last year - I said that the best Christmas present you could provide for me would be to help my mother regain the use of her fingers and to relieve her from the pain that she was suffering.

What can I say - the acupuncture that you provided was second to none and after only her first treatment, she was able to move and stretch her fingers without feeling any pain whatsoever.

I can only say that you are one of the most skilled practitioners of your kind which we have had the pleasure of using.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to family and friends and we thank you so much for your continued support.

Kind regards

Aaron Elliston

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